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Blending Beauty 

With Business

Shift your perspective and navigate the hair industry with a renewed, business-oriented approach as Maeghen Soucinek shares her top business strategies from a decade of experience building business's behind the chair.


About this Workshop

Are you ready to see yourself not just as a hairstylist, but as a thriving business owner? Welcome to our exclusive online course, "Blending Beauty with Business." I’ve learned SO MUCH over the past decade, honestly a lot of it by trial and error… I don’t want that to be you! So because of that, I’ve chosen to compile all of the things that have helped me elevate myself as a professional and GROW my business to ultimately help you do the same. through Blending Beauty With Business

Instructor: Maeghen Soucinek

Category: Business and Marketing Workshop

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  • Welcome to Blending Beauty with Business! In this online workshop Maeghen Soucinek will be walking you through how over the past decade is she has shifted her mindset from a "hair dresser" to a business owner and walks you through how she has created systems and processes to create a healthy work life balance in her business. 

  • Follow along as I share how I create healthy boundaries with my business in key areas to ensure I am running my business and my business isn't running me

  • In this module I will be sharing how I shifted my mindset away from being just a "hair dresser" into being a business owner and began to set healthy boundaries with my clients while maintaining a personal, but professional relationship.

  • In this video CMO of Vera Salon (and Maeghen's husband) Dean Soucinek walks you through defining what a sales process is, how Vera Salon's sales process works and how you can get started implementing a sales process into your business today!

  • In this video I'm going to walk you through some of the ways we track everything from color to hair extensions and show you how we avoid over or under ordering and use past client and appointment data to forecast future ordering to ensure maximum profitability.

  • In this module we are going to be defining the difference between big goals and small goals, what roles they play, keeping yourself accountable to them, steps to setting and tracking your goals and most importantly, rewarding yourself when you accomplish your goals.

  • Business isn't a sprint it's a marathon. I encourage you to take these strategies and implement them into your business to build a healthier and ultimately more successful business in this amazing indsutry.

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