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Maeghen Soucinek's teaches how she combines multiple services into one to create a perfect, lived in, seamless blended blonde look that your clients are dreaming of. 


About this Workshop

Maeghen Soucinek's luxury blonding online "On Demand" workshop will cover all of the details on exactly how to create a California BLENDED BLONDE from right where you are, equipping you to charge CALIFORNIA PRICES no matter your demographics or years of experience!

Instructor: Maeghen Soucinek

Category: Online Coloring Workshop

Browse Class Lesson Plan

  • In this course we will be deep diving into how I perform a Blended Blonde service in my own salon, Vera. From consultations, to formulas, foiling and more you will leave this course with all of the tools to start creating Blended Blonde luxury blonding appointments in your salon or salon suite! 

  • The first step to a successful Blended Blonde service is a proper consultation. Creating and managing expectations with your clients is one of the biggest values you can provide when performing luxury services.

  • In this video I break down my exact process for formulating based on the consultation I have with my client.

  • Let's start foiling! In this video I break down how I begin foiling in the nape section and move my way up into the back section. I am going to break down exactly where I place the foils to break up the darker sections bringing in pops of color so when Rachel pulls her hair up there is a seamless blend. 

    This is the foundation of the Blended Blonde.

  • Now that we have finished the nape and back sections we are going to begin foiling for the Foilayage and faceframe sections. Creating bright pops of color around my clients face while continuing to establish and break up dark spots around the perimeter of her hairline. 

  • In this video I am going to be walking through how I navigate foiling the mohawk section, and my go to formulas and placements for lowlighting

  • In this video I break down exactly how to section and apply your base smudge along with key techniques to ensure that you are not affecting your blonde sections with the base smudge. See the formulas for both the base smudge and color gloss below!

  • And here we are! The final look for Blended Blonde. Thank you so much for watching my Blended Blonde Online Workshop! Now comes the part that matter most, implementing Blended Blonde into your business behind the chair!

  • In this video I go over my top tips for getting photos right from your phone (you don't need the big fancy camera to get started!) and how to help your clients feel comfortable when capturing your work so you can market your Blended Blonde work to new or existing clients!

  • In this video I break down my practical steps on how to capture video that showcases your clients hair, and give my top tips for using your own and your client's personality to help your videos shine!

  • In this formula deep dive I wanted to share a different scenario and how I would approach formulating their base smudge. I also break down some of my favorite color lines and how I use them!

  • In this video I go over another scenario and break down more of my favorite formulas for base smudges,

  • I go over my go to formulas and cover multiple scenarios.

  • I go over my go to formulas and cover multiple scenarios.

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